Slurrystore tanks are being used around the world for managing manure in an environmentally responsible manner. In today’s world, manure management is a critical issue in any dairy or livestock operation. Stricter manure handling regulations and environmental controls mean that the storage options you chose yesterday may not match up to today’s standards. Combined with the ability to capture nutrient value, buying a Slurrystore has never made more sense.

Above-ground positive containment structure requires no fencing, helps ensure against leaching, and is much safer and convenient than a lagoon or pit.

Only Slurrystore Systems…

  • Engineered to the Highest Standards. All structure components are glass coated for high corrosion resistance and a long life.
  • Nutrient Friendly. The Slurrystore System’s built-in Center Agitation System thoroughly blends nutrients contained in livestock waste for higher fertilizer value.
  • Environmentally Sound. The Slurrystore System conforms to USDA-NRCS regulations.
  • Convenient, Durable and Safe. The Slurrystore System features an above-ground positive containment structure. An optional contaminant detection system is available.
  • Minimizes Odor. Slurrystore can help reduce odor – in some cases by up to 90%. Since Slurrystore Systems store manure above ground, a “chimney effect” is created, releasing odors above ground level into higher-level air currents.

The Model 90A Slurrystore Structure

The 90A SERIES Slurrystore Structure, based on state-of-the-art engineering design standards, is durable and expandable.

Shorter models are expandable up to 28′ in height. Side panels can be disassembled and moved. If your herd size expands, so can your Slurrystore.

With 21 options, there’s a size to fit nearly every operation. For example, if you haul manure to the field daily, you can pick a size that will drastically cut your investment in time, as well as wear and tear on machinery. You’ll be able to plan your manure hauling intervals, based on a yearly timetable.

Apply manure when you want to, not when you have to.

Every 90 SERIES structure is designed to be an integral part of your Slurrystore System in which, using state-of-the-art pumps and agitation systems, manure handling is nearly 100% “hands off” automated. From the reception pit to the field, you can build a system engineered for efficient waste management.

The Model 96A Slurrystore Structure

CST Storage engineers developed a cost-effective manure storage system that rewards producers for knowing what their manure capacity needs are: the Model 96A.

The Model 96A structures are non-expandable and use the most efficient configuration of glass-fused-to-steel panels possible for the precise height and diameter at the time of construction, eliminating the need for thicker sheets at the base, and a heavier foundation normally installed to support the expandable Model 90A.

The Model 96A also offers traditional Slurrystore structure benefits like the positive, above-ground containment of livestock manure, higher sidewalls and smaller exposed surface area than other conventional manure storage methods. You can even equip your 96A Slurrystore structure with your choice of agitation packages.

Slurrystore Applications

Manure Storage

Environmental regulations addressing ground water contamination and phosporous runoff, as well as larger livestock operations, are driving customers toward more reliable, durable, leak-free manure storage solutions. CST’s slurrystore tanks are meeting these challenges and supporting them with outstanding local support.

BioEnergy/Anaerobic Digesters

CST’s agricultural digester market continues to rapidly grow on the heels of Slurrystore’s reputation for durability and its price competitiveness over stainless steel tanks. With numerous integrated cover and tank solutions all over the world, CST has made choosing the right digester envelope easier and more reliable.