Harvestore set the standard for use of glass-fused-to-steel in a storage tank. Harvestore silos that are over 50 years old are still performing today.

Harvestore silos are manufactured from glass-fused-to-steel panels in a factory controlled environment to ensure the highest quality product and the longest life expectancy. Originally developed by A.O. Smith in the 1930s, the first glass-fused-to-steel tank went into service in 1949.

This agricultural use of glass-fused-to steel silos to store feed while retaining quality has been widely used for almost 60 years. Since 1930, more than 100,000 glass-fused-to-steel tanks have been installed in over 70 countries around the world.


Slurrystore tanks are being used around the world for managing manure in an environmentally responsible manner. In today’s world, manure management is a critical issue in any dairy or livestock operation. Stricter manure handling regulations and environmental controls mean that the storage options you chose yesterday may not match up to today’s standards. Combined with the ability to capture nutrient value, buying a Slurrystore has never made more sense.

Above-ground positive containment structure requires no fencing, helps ensure against leaching, and is much safer and convenient than a lagoon or pit.


Nutristore tanks are increasingly popular due to the rising costs of fertilizers and the consolidation of farming operations.

Nutristore storage systems are designed and built from Vitrium glass-fused-to-steel panels for outstanding corrosion resistance, and fast, safe construction.Nutristore tanks were specifically developed to meet the needs of the growing agribusiness community in helping to offset the rising costs of liquid fertilizer and enhance farm productivity. The proven Nutristore technology is rooted in the 60+ years of experience designing and building Harvestore, Slurrystore and Aquastore glass-fused-to steel tanks.