Harvestore set the standard for use of glass-fused-to-steel in a storage tank. Harvestore silos that are over 50 years old are still performing today.

Harvestore silos are manufactured from glass-fused-to-steel panels in a factory controlled environment to ensure the highest quality product and the longest life expectancy. Originally developed by A.O. Smith in the 1930s, the first glass-fused-to-steel tank went into service in 1949.

This agricultural use of glass-fused-to steel silos to store feed while retaining quality has been widely used for almost 60 years. Since 1930, more than 100,000 glass-fused-to-steel tanks have been installed in over 70 countries around the world.

Harvestore Structures — The Heart of Dairy Nutrition Systems

The champion of feed quality. Research proves that Harvestore systems reliably provide the highest quality haylage, high-moisture grains, limited dry matter loss, labor-saving convenience and better lifetime value versus today’s common storage bags and bunkers.

On any dairy, feed quality influences milk production, reproductive efficiency and profits. Harvestore has built its reputation on storing superior, quality feed.

Harvestore Applications​

Medium Moisture Forage

Successful owners have cut back on harvesting losses and reduced waste at feeding time. Only Harvestore haylage offers the highest feed quality and minimal dry matter losses.

High Moisture Grain

Flourishing livestock producers store their high moisture grains in a Harvestore to eliminate drying costs, reduce field and storage losses, and improve livestock feed conversion.

XL Unloader

The new line of XL Unloaders are more powerful, faster and more efficient than the competition. XL Unloaders now feature improved Talon Chains and cutter sequencing.


The new Harvestore® FeedScan™ Precision Feeding System’s infrared technology helps dairy producers precisely match nutritionist recommendations by instantly measuring dry matter and other nutrient content of feed flowing over conveyor.